My recent work reflects my fascination with patterns, rhythms and repetition found in systems, both natural and man-made. I am interested in the dialectic relationship between the organic world and civilization. I am experimenting with various media to explore ways in which these patterns and rhythms overlap and intersect. My exploration of fractal patterns leads me to natural and man-made structures which repeat themselves in different contexts, both biological and synthetic. In conjunction with this imagery, I am compelled by surface and texture as well as levels of visibility and transparency and how it affects the ambiguousness of the image.

My process has recently led me away from canvas and I am exploring more organic materials such as wood, wax and horsehair. Mark making is at the core of my expression and I enjoy inventing micro detailed systems using combinations of traditional and encaustic painting mixed with drawing utensils including ink pens and charcoal. I incorporate mixed media of many kinds to create surface and texture which becomes the working surface of my works on wood. I have also begun using my own photographic images in combination with wax and paint. Many of the processes I am using are done with heat and require me to have a visceral relationship with the materials. My drawings are concerned with layering images to examine the ways systems from different contexts interact. My work is fueled by a passionate need to explore and understand the ways in which man engages with the natural world; both in harmonious and destructive ways. I am compelled to discover and communicate aspects of the balance between our oneness and our individuality as a species and a planet which must coexist through constant adaptation.

The artists that inform my work express their concepts through many mediums such as Guiseppe Penone’s work of sculpture, drawing and installation to explore the nature of trees and their relationship to man. I am also interested in Matthew Ritchie’s extension of mark-making and drawing into other forms such as sculpture and video based light boxes. Painter’s which have influenced me range from the pattern intense work of Gustav Klimt to Jasper John’s use of wax to transform the mundane. I am currently intrigued by the exploration of systems by Julie Mehretu and the invented fractal systems created in the drawings of Daniel Zeller.