Being an artist means exploring endless possibilities. Following the journey of being an artist, I know I will never be bored or reach the end of the road.
— Karie Cooper

Artist, Explorer

I think that being an artist is a way of being in the world. Artists are constantly looking, examining, recreating and imagining different views of the world we observe around us. We are the ones who ruffled the feathers early in life by asking "why can't I color my tree purple?" or "why can't Santa have a Hawaiian shirt?" 

What is an artist? We are philosophers, scientists, explorers, critical thinkers and dreamers all rolled into one.  I am constantly seeking new ways to explain what I see around me or express what exists inside, burgeoning to get out.

I certainly have many ways of asking, seeing and expressing my experience in the world, which is why you will find a multitude of mediums on my site. I am constantly exploring new concepts and mixing different materials together to see what will happen. Sometimes I am inspired by the zen of a Japanese print, other times I am bursting with bright saturated colors and subject matter that is decidedly whimsical or silly. Other times still I am drawn in by the often overlooked beauty of a rusting piece of metal or the quality of a 200 year old door with layer upon layer of stories to tell.  I believe art is all around us and if we take the time to observe and contemplate our surroundings we can find beauty in just about anything.